“Can't Let Go” has it all - romance, drama, and suspense with a shocking ending. “Can't Let Go” is one you don't want to miss. Michele L. Waters did a superb job with her freshman novel. Ms. Waters is an author to be on the look out for. Well done. 
-Reviewed by: Anna of the OOSA Book Club on Goodreads.com

The cruelty mixed race children faced is astounding. "Through the Eyes of My Mulatto Daughter" is a novel following the life of Brittney Adams, daughter of a mixed couple and growing up in the deep south. With street smarts, Brittney finds another teen in need and moves to help her find her place in life and help her prepare for the cruelty of being a teen mother. "Through the Eyes of My Mulatto Daughter" is an excellent read with a powerful message, highly recommended.  -Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI) on Amazon.com

Can't Let go of reading "Can't Let Go" The minute you start reading the first page of this book you are sucked in for a good story line. It’s a book that many woman can relate to, especially those of us who are strong and independent and are just wanting and needing a man to compliment our strengths. The book brings out many emotions. You will find yourself laughing out loud, getting upset, happy, and you might even shed some tears. The characters are well developed and the writing style is very easy to read. I can't wait to here more about Greg and Tiffany's relationship. Go get this book....i promise you it will not be a disappointment. 
-JWBookLover4Life on Barnesandnobles.com

Rife with drama, intrigue, and suspense, Through The Eyes Of My Mulatto Daughter is a striking read. In standout fashion, author Michele Waters introduces the reader to one of the darker episodes of our nation’s history, providing an up close and personal glimpse into the devastating effects of unchecked ignorance and hate. Further bolstering the appeal of Waters’ tale is the added layer of mystery she incorporates regarding the secret past of Brittney’s parents, ensuring that the reader’s interest will be held at rapt attention as the enthralling suspense unfolds. - Apex Reviews by: Karynda Lewis